Dragify HTML Website Builder

With Dragify you can create stunning websites for yourself, your business, or for others. Dragify sites are as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

Forget about templates; we bring you blocks!


Rather than forcing a complex and obscure templating system upon you, Dragify takes a different approach by letting you build websites by using blocks.

1) Create A New Project

Login to your Dragify account to create a new site. Then, a container is created for you where you drag and drop to build your website without writing a line of code.

2) Drag & Drop BLOCKS

Drag and Drop from our 44 pre-defined blocks in the Standard version or 370 Blocks including 25 Parallax blocks in our Pro version. Make the best use of our Text and code editors to customize your site.

3) Preview And Export!

Once you've finished building your site, you can easily export your website html files to your computer or publish them directly online through ftp. Using our Sync feature, you can easily publish your website to your server via FTP in a click.

Plans & Pricing

Listed below are the plans for our Builder Only tool. Note: you will still need web hosting. Either from us or use your own host.

Dragify Plans


Standard Annual


Standard Lifetime


Dragify Pro Annual


Dragify Pro Lifetime

# Websites Includes
Pre Built Blocks Included
Saas App
1 year
1 year

Start Building Responsive Websites In Under 10 Minutes!

Complete design freedom

You have complete control over which style attributes can be edited. With our easy to use built in editor, you can control every aspect of the look of your website.

Users have complete control over how the elements on the canvas are styled. Depending on how the application has been configured, any standard CSS attribute can be edited.

CSS attributes are displayed as a color picker (for color, background-color, etc), dropdown menu (for predefined values) or a regular text field. In other words, you have complete control.

Dragify Features

If you are looking for an easy to use website and landing page creator then look no further. Dragify is made for anyone that easily wants to create a responsive and professional looking website.

Take A Tour Of Dragify

Ready Made HTML Sections (Blocks)

Dragify comes with built-in ready made html sections: headers, contents, and footers. Saves time. No need to Code. Simply Drag and Use!

Bootstrap Framework

Dragify website builder is based on the world's famous bootstrap Framework to build responsive websites

Drag and Drop Builder

Using our drag and drop functionality, you can easily drag pre-defined html sections onto your web page in a click

Editing your Web pages

You can edit the links, content, text, and images of your website using our text editors. You can also edit the html code of your website using few clicks.

Light Weight CMS

Dragify is both a CMS and website builder, which allows you to put page and entire site together swiftly. Combined with Built-in publishing feature, Dragify can be used as a basic CMS where you edit your site through our builder and publish online.

Live Publishing & Sync

With Dragify, you can publish your site directly live using our "FTP Publish" option. In a click your site will be transferred to your hosting.

Mobile Friendly Design

All the websites built using Dragify are mobile-friendly. Thanks to our Bootstrap Framework. Any PC, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet, give the best of your website to visitors.


From beginners to Experienced Developers, Dragify is suitable for everyone. Dragify's drag and drop functionality, code editor, bootstrap framework make Dragify ideal for everyone.

Export Your Site

Besides the sync feature, you can also export your finished website including assets like CSS, Javascript and Images.


Want to get your small business online or update your existing website that is not mobile friendly? Dragify is perfect and built for small business owners that don’t want to hire their own webmaster or pay high web design fees.

Create your website in 10 minutes.


Do you create sites for clients? Use Dragify to quickly create layout concepts to show to your web design clients. Or use Dragify to make your clients websites quickly. The choice is yours on how you want to use it.

Is Dragify a CMS or a page builder?

Both! Dragify comes with an intuitive drag&drop page builder which allows you to put page and entire sites together swiftly. Combined with it’s built-in publishing feature, SiteBuilder can also be used as a basic CMS where you edit your site through SiteBuilder and them publish them online.

Are assets such as images and stylesheets included in the export?

Yes. When you export your site, all used assets such as images, stylesheets and scripts are included.

Are assets such as images and stylesheets included in the export?

Yes. When you export your site, all used assets such as images, stylesheets and scripts are included.