Dragify Virtual Tour

One Platform. Many Websites

Dragify is an online website builder and light weight CMS. Using Dragify, you can create mutliple sites, edit, and export them under one single dashboard.

Custom Image Library

Using Dragify, you can upload your custom images to our platform to use in your websites/projects.

44 pre-designed HTML BLOCKS

Dragify features built-in ready made html design sections, that can be used to kick-start your website development. Save Code. Save time. Save your Energy.



Slideshow Blocks

Content Sections




Pricing Tables




Your text. Your way!

With the help of Dragify's built-in style editor, you can style your text, add background color, change fonts, and even change colors.

Your possibilities are endless!

You can easily edit the source code of every html code of block. So, you can  add any custom code to your website without hassle.

Web Page Manager

Using Dragify, you can manage all your web pages, interlink them, and export them all at once using our web page manager.

Style editor

Editing border radius, font-size, and background color? Almost everything is customzable at Dragify. 

Text editor

Using Dragify's Built-in Text Editor, you can make the text bold, italic,underline, undo, redo and more. Add Magic to the text. 

Add SEO to your Page

Using Dragify, you can easily edit the page title, page meta description and keywords to improve your search engine ranking.

Edit the links

You can easily edit your web page's links and interlink them with your site's web pages using Dragify. 

Icons system

Choose your site icons from our vast choice of high-quality icons on the Dragify platform.

Sync your website.

You can transfer your website to your webhosting in a click at Dragie. Dragie also acts as a basic CMS due to this feature, because you can simply edit your website and push it to your hosting in a click.

Export or Publish.

Using Dragify, you can easily export your website to your hosting server or save the files to your local machine, both under a click.